Cannabis Cultivation

Ventilation is an important part of cannabis growth because proper air movement over the plants helps keep them healthy by reducing the chance of mold growth, distributing heat and humidity, and preventing pest and fungus infestations.

Design Considerations

  • Odor Control

  • Temperature and humidity control

  • THC resin adhesion to surfaces

  • Utility availability

        • Electricity

        • Gas

        • Water

  • Client budget

  • Annual energy costs

Ideal Environmental Conditions for Drying

  • Temperature: 65F to 75F

  • Humidity: 45% to 55%

  • Drying Period is 5 to 9 days

  • High air velocities dry the product too quickly (causes bad tasting cannabis)

Cannabis Grow Facilities Areas

  • security office

  • areas for decontamination (gown in areas)

  • several different cultivation rooms

  • a vault or secure storage area

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