Alternate Energy Systems

Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines

Johansson Engineering Ltd can provide the design and engineering services required the meet the CSA standards for these structures. Wind turbines and their associated foundation systems are classified as utility towers and are; therefore, explicitly exempt from the requirements of the Alberta Building Code (ABC).

A wind turbine that has an observation deck as a tourist attraction or as a working platform (observation deck) area such as for forest rangers are supporting an occupancy and would be required to fulfill the requirements of the ABC. If the working deck was used solely for the purpose of performing maintenance on the wind turbine then the wind turbine would still be classified as a utility tower.

The Canadian Standard Association publishes standards for the design and installation of wind turbines. Part 1 one of the wind turbine design requirements may be found here if you would like to purchase it.

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight to electric energy. Solar panels are usually mounted on racks or frames. The structural supports for solar panels should be designed to withstand wind and snow loads. An introduction to solar panels may be found here.

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