Fire Protection

Fire Sprinkler Design

Johansson Engineering Ltd provides a fire protection service and is a fire protection consultant for any kind of building from industrial, commercial, schools, residential, new or existing buildings, renovations, and retrofits. We produce shop drawings, hydraulic calculations, issue engineers commitment letters, and provide compliance letters at job completion (Schedules A, B, and C).

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Design:

  • Wet fire sprinkler systems

  • Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems

  • Deluge and pre-action sprinkler systems

  • Special sprinkler systems (foam, dry chemical etc.)

  • Inspection of existing fire sprinkler systems

Is your sprinkler system capable of protecting your building? We hydraulically calculate your sprinkler system and provide an engineer's signed report. You can send it to the fire department and your insurance company to show that your building is fully compliant with current requirements. If upgrades are needed - we will tell you what has to be done to minimize expenses.

The sign of fire sprinkler systems is usually done using the Hazen Williams formula. Most piping systems in fire protection systems can be classified into three types.


This structure uses a main pipe that branches to progressively smaller pipes. A tree trunk from which branches come out is similar to this layout.


There is a main pipe from which other pipes branch out but the main pipe returns to its starting point creating a loop.


There are two main pipes running parallel to each other. Piping runs are connected to both main pipes. There is more than one way for water to each a given point in the system, so fiction is reduced.

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